Organized by : Institut Jacques Monod, Université de Paris, and TesaCo.

11 October. From Precision to Predictive: Genetic Revolution to Healthcare and Beyond

The miraculous synthetic mRNA COVID-19 vaccines are just small, early examples of how the genetics and bioengineering revolutions will transform our world. Faster than most people understand or appreciate, our growing, superhuman capabilities to restructure the building blocks of life will fundamentally alter the way we prevent and treat disease, make babies, generate energy, grow food, store data, and create materials. But while this process had already begun before COVID-19, the pandemic has catapulted the biology revolution to a new phase just like World War II supercharged electronics and space travel generations ago. And just like the information technology revolution started small then “ate the world,” the biology revolution is about to change much of everything. Most businesses and other organizations are not ready. In this talk, futurist Jamie Metzl describes how the biology revolution will play out over the coming years and what we can all do on a personal, professional, and global level to prepare and thrive.

Intervention : Jamie Metzl

  • When ? 11 October 2021, 11:45am-1:00pm
  • Where ? Amphi Turing, Bâtiment Sophie Germain, Université de Paris, 75013 Paris

12 October. Cracking the Code of Pandemic Origins

Understanding how this crisis began has massive implications for preventing the next one, but no international investigation has yet been carried out nor is one currently planned. This seminar will host two early « COVID-19 whistleblowers” with different backgrounds, recognized for their pioneering work into probing the origins of the pandemic.

Interventions : Jamie Metzl and Virginie Courtier

  • When ? 12 October 2021, 11am – 12:30am
  • Where ? Institut de France, 3 rue Mazarine, 75006

About the speakers :

Jamie Metzl is a leading technology and healthcare futurist, geopolitical expert, novelist and entrepreneur living in New-York city. He will describe the epic and ongoing struggle to demand a full investigation into the origins of Covid-19 and what it will take to build a safer future for all. For more information:

Virginie Courtier is a senior researcher in evolutionary genetics at CNRS, Université de Paris and Institut Jacques Monod living in Paris. She will review how the question has been embraced by the international scientific community and focus on the scientific arguments supporting the various hypotheses.

Informations :

  • « Pass sanitaire » required